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About being Healthy

At Being Healthy, we are more than just a brand; we are a community united by the passion for unlocking the fullest potential of our bodies and minds through fitness and nutrition. Founded on the principles of strength, vitality, and wellness, we offer an extensive suite of services designed to empower our clients in every step of their health journey.

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Welcome to Being Healthy, your ultimate destination for a holistic approach to fitness, wellness, and empowerment. At Being Healthy, we believe that true wellness goes beyond just physical fitness; it encompasses mental resilience, nutritional balance, and a sense of safety and empowerment. Our brand is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to help you achieve your health goals and lead a fulfilling lifestyle.


Vision Statement: At Being Healthy, our vision is to create a one stop solution for achieving every individuals Fitness goals and commitment to holistic wellness – nurturing not just the body, but also the mind and spirit. We also propose a Platform for Loyal, Committed and Trained Athletes in all fields of Sports and Fitness to join us in our mission of making people Healthy and Fit all around the world. We see Being Healthy as a beacon of inspiration, education, and support, guiding individuals on their wellness journey and empowering them to live their best lives, today and every day.


Meet Our Team

director-img Saud
Instructor - Karate

Saud Ahmed Khan

director-img Aftab

Aftab Sayed

director-img Nasra
Instructor - Taekwondo and Women Self Defence

Nasra Qureshi

director-img Atiya
Instructor - Taekwondo

Atiya Sayyed

director-img Khalid
Instructor - Taekwondo

Khalid Shaikh


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